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86 MAF testing

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86 MAF testing

Post by thill17 »

Hello all. First post here. Creeped for years.
Anyways I have an 86 240 (lh 2.2) and am double checking things to see if the idle at startup can be smoothed out. I have seen info from this site and others on how to test the MAF (with adjustment screw present) or the oxygen sensor respectively.

What I am wondering is, should I be testing resistance at the MAF pins (engine off) and what resistances between which pins?
Should I be testing by splicing the white wire at the MAF and testing for DC voltage? (with key-on not running)

This is not something that is causing driving issues. I am really just interested. From I understand that this adjustment screw is giving info at start to set idle until oxygen sensor is able..

"Baseline setting for the LH 2.2 AMM is 380 ohms, measured between pins 3 and 6 of the connector on the meter. This is NOT a definitive setting but it can get you closer......"

Earlier (how I have been driving for past years) the resistance for 3 - 6 was about 160. I adjusted the screw clockwise until reading 380 ohms. Drove home and thats where I am at now. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Post by abscate »

Greetings and welcome.

I’m not an expert on this vintage by any means but what is status on plugs, cap to tire and wires? Cars like fresh ignition parts.

You don’t want to make any resistance measurements on live circuits. A VOM on resistance measurements presents a short circuit across the test leads, so any voltage present will pop either the meter or a fuse in the meter.
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Post by postoak »

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