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Front Driveshaft Removal V70 XC

Check out this Front Driveshaft Removal Tutorial


Front Driveshaft and CV Replacement Tutorial

So here are some tips…to make a $1000 repair for $200. 2hrs to take out 1hr to install. Can do 1 out and 45 min to install.

  1. Prop up the car with 2 jack stands on each side
  2. Remove the wheel and the bolt that hold the axle in from the outside of the wheel (on the cv side).
  3. Loosen up the clip that holds the brake line (will give the wheel more play)
  4. Loosen the two control arms? where they connect to the brake caliper assembly.
  5. I do not think now that it is required but it takes a couple of minutes to remove the bearing holder that is secured to the engine block with 5 bolts (sorry for the non-mechanic terminology). I think this is called the carrier bearing.
  6. Now the axle on the transfer case side can be popped out with a screwdriver quite easily. Just get it loose.
  7. Here is the key to getting this axle out….. pull the rotor /brake assembly towards you (like the wheel would swing if you turn hard right…as far as you can. You might have to turn the rotor a couple degrees to get the cv to bend as far as possible. Then knock with a piece of wood from the outside (of the rotor) on the axle until it starts slipping back. You might have to use a jack under the rotor to move the rotor assembly up and down if it does not want to give. Just take your time and it will come out.

    Find your local axle / driveshaft shop and they can repair. To install the same thing just backwards. Here are some pictures:

Front Driveshaft Removal

Front Driveshaft Removal V70 XC

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Bill easson says:

I am after driveshaft for cross country 98 99 v70 Xcode volvo part number8601575 or 8251519 can you assist tele 07850280363

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