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Fuel Pressure Line Replacement

MVS Contributor jreed hits it out of the park with a DIY on an overlooked vacuum hose: “I was out looking around in the engine compartment (97 855 GLT with ~162k miles) for opportunities to fix something this morning. I’ve already replaced most of the vacuum lines in the car, but I found a short crumbly vacuum connector that I had overlooked the last few times I checked the car. This connector is located above the transmission, near the lower radiator hose. It is part of the Fuel Pressure Regulator line from the intake tube near the MAF Sensor and connects between a white hard plastic line and a metal line that runs over to the fuel pressure regulator on the passengers’ side.”


Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line Replacement

Getting the line off required (for me — if your hands are smaller you might not need to) loosening the black flexible plastic intake line that connects between the MAF and the PTC/Turbo intake region. I loosened the hose clamp and disconnected the line from the MAF. This allowed me to bend up the line enough to reach in and use pliers to loosen the metal spring clamp on the rubber connector.

Once I had the clamp loose, I found I needed to gently slit the rubber to allow it to be twisted and slid off of the metal line. Here is a picture of the little rubber hose after I pulled it off of the metal line:

Not a bad job overall.

  • The tools/supplies I found useful for Fuel Pressure Vacuum Line Replacement included:
  • 7mm socket and ratchet to loosen hose clamp on intake tube
  • flat blade screwdriver to pry off intake tube from MAF
  • nylon zip ties / tie wraps to secure and clamp tubing to line and nipple
  • 4mm ID silicone tubing (~ 8″ / 200mm long)
  • knife to slit old rubber connector
  • scissors to cut tubing to length
  • flashlight
  • snipping pliers to cut off end of zip ties after tightening
  • long needle nose pliers to loosen and retrieve the metal clamp on the old rubber connector

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