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Gear Wrench X-Beam Metric Racheting Wrench Set

I have the 19mm and it’s very good. This set just came down to $109.63 from around $130. I get notifications of price drops from my Amazon account, because I keep things like this in my cart just to watch price fluctuations. Prices usually come down for a week then go back up to their ‘normal’ range. It’s metric so it fits all the Volvo fasteners within its 8mm-19mm range. Shop Gear Wrench here. It helps me when you buy from Amazon with that link. Thanks!

I’ve used this on various suspension pieces in the year+ that I’ve owned it. The flat side is a great idea for these tight spots, you can turn the wrench pretty hard without getting a divot in your palm.

Gear Wrench 12 Piece X-Beam Wrenches

Gear Wrench 12 Piece Set Metric X-Beam Combination Ratcheting Wrench has decreased from $129.49 to $109.63. I’m watching some products on, and that set is one of them, so I get notifications when the price goes up or down. $20 down is unprecedented. I love my GearWrench X-Beam 19mm wrench. The X-Beam thing isn’t a gimmick, it’s really comfortable. I wish my Craftsman and other GearWrench wrenches had this twist. Both of my GearWrench wrenches have withstood a year of use, especially when working on my 850’s suspension. Full disclosure, my 21mm Gear Wrench broke, but instead of returning it I pressed it back together, and it’s worked fine for a year.

Tool Talk: Gear wrench 19mm X-Beam Ratcheting Wrench

Here’s my video review of the Gearwrench 19mm X-Beam Ratcheting Wrench.



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