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Give Back to our Forum Moderators

This is MVS’s semi-annual event where I collect donations for our 5 mods.

They work for the love of helping people — it’s all volunteer work — so this is your chance to say thank you to them.

My Plea

The moderators — abscate, JDS60R, jblackburn, Ozark Lee, BillofDurham and Phil’s850 — are regular people with regular jobs, and trust me when I say if you donate, it’s genuinely appreciated and probably doesn’t go toward cigars and power yachts. Justin (jblackburn) is actually just starting out in (working) life, now working a 9-5 after having graduated college just a few years ago.

By donating YOU ensure our moderators know their time and work here is valued.

They do two things: they help with Volvo problems, and they do clerical tasks like banning spammers. Without them MVS would be a mess, I mean that, they keep the trains running on time. Think of them as bartenders keeping everyone happy, and managing things behind the scenes.

I don’t pay them — they do this for the love of helping Volvo owners like you. They didn’t even ask me to collect donations, I do this twice a year without asking them because they’d never bring it up first. They’re so modest, in fact, I don’t hear anything from them about donations, zero, except when they say thanks publicly.


  • All donors get an MVS Contributor badge.
  • Every donation helps. From five to five hundred. If all you can afford is $5, that’s fine.
  • You can remain anonymous if you like. Otherwise, I’ll post your first and last initial or your forum username.
  • The collection is summed, and split evenly between the moderators when it’s done. Usually one or two mods defer, so the net for the rest is larger.

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Bill McKeever says:

I have a ’11 c70 t5. I’m gonna to replace the interior door handle, as its chipped. I’ve found and removed the two screws, top and bottom, that hold it on. But I can’t get it loose,,,seems like the actual door latch is holding in in place. How can I get the whole off? Thanks

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