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Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Happy Independence Day Everyone

flag of the united states.svg  - Happy Independence Day Everyone!
As a proud American, I wish a Happy 4th of July to all fellow Americans.

I’ll dip my toe into politics for the only time I can remember on MVS, and say our government is not our country.

Thanks for being here at MVS to all users, members and MVS Contributors.

The Volvo brand is a strong, reliable, and innovative nameplate. Most people are familiar with the name, but you might not know everything about Volvo — including these six funny and interesting facts!

1972 Volvo

1. The Name Means “I Roll” in Latin

Named over a century ago, the company was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson — Volvo was the name of the ball bearing business at the time. Volvo cars first went into mass production in 1927. See fun fact number two to realize how suiting that name has become for the brand.

2. Volvo Cars Get Insane Mileage

Irv Gordon bought his Volvo P1800 new in 1966 and clocked a mind-blowing three million miles on it! This may be on the extreme side, but high mileage Volvos are not at all uncommon. There’s a high mileage Volvo club that offers badges for each level:

150,000 Miles = Bronze Membership

300,000 Miles = Silver Membership

500,000 Miles = Gold Membership

Ever notice how you see more older Volvos still running fine and on the road today? Now you know!

3. Safety is Priority One

Volvo is so committed to safety that it has its own Accident Research Team that have analyzed over 40,000 accidents since 1970. The company has a deep understanding of what happens during an accident and uses the knowledge to continuously develop their safety systems. The V40 is the safest car ever made according to the EuroNCAP.

4. No Really, They Care About Your Safety

There’s no reason to ever question if Volvo cares about you or not, they have a plan to keep all of their passengers safe from serious injury and death by 2020. That’s really their plan, and a very admirable one! The brand is also ahead of the pack when it comes to realizing self-driving cars, a step they believe will eliminate the possibility of injury inside their vehicles.

5. They Also Want You to Be Comfortable

Second only to safety is the fact that Volvo wants you to feel comfortable in their cars. Over the years, the company has worked with orthopedic surgeons and other experts to make one heck of a luxurious interior for each car. The seats are so comfortable, in fact, that there’s a Town Hall Theatre in Ireland that uses the S80 luxury saloon seats for theater seating!

6. People Sing Their Praises (No Really!)

There are many hit songs out there which reference the brand. These include:

-Marian Call, “The Volvo Song

-Grynch, “My Volvo

-Ian Felice, “Your Old Volvo

-Eddie Meduza, “Volvo

-Everclear, “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

Happy Independence Day

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