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HD Radio install

Adding HD Radio to 1998-2000 V70, S70, V70-XC, C70

Did you know that S70s, V70’s have built in antenna amplifiers? Read here about the trials and tribulations of adding HD to your Volvo.

mrreilly »

This past week I received a free HD Radio kit. I just installed it today and got everything hooked up properly. Everything plugs in where it should and it turns on just fine. The only problem is that when I turn the unit on it doesn’t do anything. If I have the unit off and my radio is on, my radio will play music fine. When I switch the unit on everything goes fuzzy. Does anyone know anything about these thing s or anything that could help my getting it working??
cbessant »

I have a 1998 V70 T5 with the OEM AM/FM/CD/Cassette radio. I want to add HD radio to improve Am fidelity. I tried to replace the OEM unit with a Kenwood KDC-HD545U unit at a good car audio shop. The AM reception was horrific, much worse/less reception than the OEM unit. HD Digital rarely kicked in. The shop was concerned about Volvo’s diversity antennae that might prevent the AM signal from working properly as the OEM unit is tuned to the V70’s antennae. We tried using a power antennae to replace/bypass the V70’s antennae, and no good.

I had the OEM unit put back in.

HD Radio install

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