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Headlight Output Improvement Advice & Links

There’s been several interesting and helpful forum topics lately regarding improving Volvo headlight output. Given that some P80 models we’re talking about are up to a quarter-century old, you might consider putting this at the top of your to do list.

New Headlight Housing Vs Old -
Headlight reflectors, old vs. new.

Headlight improvements are an attractive use of your time for several reasons:

  • It’s a safety item, so you get that warm rewarding feeling after you’re done.
  • It makes driving more fun… literally, seeing things better makes you relax and have more confidence.
  • It’s a clean repair, no crawling around under the car and getting dirty fluids all over yourself.
  • It’s a project that has immediate, obvious results, and those results can make for an easy, measurable 100% improvement.

As an example, MVS Forums member Eddystone did a full reflector and bulb upgrade, and his results are nothing less than astounding. That’s not a word I use here much, but it’s entirely appropriate. Here’s the backstory forum topic, and here is the results topic with photos.

So What Did He Do?

First he tried bulbs, like most people would (I did, years ago when I went down this road).

I’m still thinking that the reflector is the key component in lighting, and nothing will fix that if it is bad. I replaced my standard low beam headlight bulbs with some that are supposed to be 30% brighter and saw no difference whatsoever.

So then he shifted this project into second gear.

Still kicking around this headlight issue. I have two new TYC headlights I have not installed yet. $80 each.

See TYC Headlight products on Amazon

Eddy installed these new TYC headlight housings (housings include reflectors) then took photos of the bad old headlights and how little light they project compared to new ones, and WOW.

The Results are Shocking

New Headlight Housing -
Full Headlight Upgrade – Old . vs. New test at night against a white fence

So that’s about as clear an illustration on the benefit of this upgrade as anything here at MVS.

If the reflectors are bad, you need new ones because no source of light will compensate for bad reflectors.

The difference new headlight housings/reflectors make, in photos

Here are some additional How to improve Volvo headlights posts to give you ideas on troubleshooting and improving light output on your Volvo:

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