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Timing Belt Change Tips

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Putting the Tbelt on would be immensely easier if you were to take off the crank pulley as instructed by VADIS, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the crank from rotating while removing the pulley so my fear of messing something up led me to follow the instructions on Volvospeed (Bay 13) which provides instructions for doing it without pulley removal.

The thing that makes is tough to line up the marks with the new Tbelt is that when you adjust the tensioner, it moves the exhaust pulley and the crank a little bit. So I finally figured out that I needed things “misaligned” a little bit before adjusting the tensioner to compensate for that.

Help! mid-project TBelt change question 2000 V70 NA VVT


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4 thoughts on “Timing Belt Change Tips

  1. my volvo s70 1998 5 cylender doest work bcs well can find the right diagram to set up the timing right motor come is B3340 can anyone help me with the right diagram

  2. Had some real fun doing my 02 S60 T5, it’s not too bad once you understand what they want. When you rotate the engine clockwise to align the marks and go 1/4 turn past, then return to the marks as you turn counterclockwise, I believe the only thing you are doing is putting the slack on the normally tensioned side. This allows you to slacken off the tensioner and have room on both sides to position the belt. If you did not do it this way, it will move eomething as you install the new belt. There is no way to get the belt on the tension side in the same place without moving something. You just can’t get it that tight. I blindly proceeded with the instructions, it went on very easily, considering… When I tensioned it back up everything stayed put. I don’t get the part about the CVVT being what you have to reset internally as I’ve read in other posts. Makes no sense. If you were to magically remove and replace a belt without moving anything the CVVT could not be disturbed. I hope this helps. God, I have changed belts on just about everything and still learned something on this car. I may incorporate the 1/4 backup on all of them now as it makes life a lot easier.

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