How The MVS-Amazon Link Works

It’s free. It doesn’t cost you a penny. It comes out of Amazon’s take. MVS gets a few % of your purchases. It’s a great way to support MVS!

Do you run an office? In charge of purchasing? Use Amazon? If so, please use the MVS-Amazon link! Thanks!

How to Do It

If you don’t care to read more, click this Amazon link and buy stuff. It’s totally free for both me and you. There is no cost to you, ever. We both win. 🙂

Nerdy Details

The program is called Amazon Associates. I joined it years ago. It works by paying MVS about 4% of your purchase totals. It works on (almost) all the products: electronics, home & garden, automotive, cameras, etc.

Click any Amazon link here and it’ll take you to Amazon. At this point you have 24 hours to add products to your cart. If you add the products outside the initial 24 hour window, the association is lost and I won’t get credit for your purchase. Once items are in your cart, you have 7 days to place the order.


There is nothing to tell you that you’ve done it correctly. But you probably have. Feel free to contact me to find out, I’m happy to let you know.

If you already have something in your cart, MVS will not be credited. To fix that situation, remove the item from your cart, then come back to MVS and click the link and proceed normally from there, choosing the product and putting it in your cart.


If you would like to help this site and want to be certain you’re crediting MVS, I suggest clicking through to Amazon and completing and order all in one sitting.


If you join the hundreds of others who have helped MVS over the years by using the MVS Amazon links, thanks a bunch. Know that you’re helping me make this site better because I can devote more time to MVS rather than doing my regular job.

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