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How to Buy Tires for your Volvo Online from Tire Rack

How to Buy Tires

So Easy a Caveman Could Do It

Buying from Tire Rack? — please use one of the ads on this site. I get a small kickback which helps me keep this web site running smoothly.

I made a Tire Rack promotions page a few weeks ago. Just click any of those ads, and when you buy tires, I get paid.

How Fast Is It?

This is a screenshot of my email inbox. (This was all in Nov. 2010.)

  • Ordered on a Friday night
  • Tires left the warehouse Monday
  • Tires arrived Wednesday
  • Standard shipping, not expedited


I ordered four Continental 235/45ZR -17 ExtremeContact DWS — just $123 each — late on a Friday night, November 19, because that’s how exciting I am on weekends. Then on Monday I got confirmation they shipped. Less than 48 hours later I got confirmation from service writer Brett Borders they arrived at Volvo Specialists, my local Volvo shop here in Denver.

You Don’t Have to Handle the Tires!

Who has the time, strength and space to store four or five huge tires when they get delivered? Not me. Well ok, I’ve got the time and strength, but not the space.

I’d been wanting to try Tire Rack before recommending them here. I’d been a TR affiliate for some time, used their site for research, but I’d never bought from them. After finally reading about how most buyers do it, and talking to Brett, it was plain to me: I don’t have to store the tires and transport them to a shop when they arrive. Whoa.

Many people have their tires delivered to their mechanic’s shop. Mechanics are happy to accept the deliveries. Even tire shops accept tires from Tire Rack.

As you can see a couple paragraphs above, I emailed Volvo Specialists’ Brett to make arrangements to have them put on. Previously he told me they have customers ship Tire Rack orders to them all the time, so I knew it was ok to ship them there. Most shops are happy to do this because they get the business of mounting and balancing the tires, just call yours to let them know tires are coming.

Choose Somewhere to Have Them Delivered

A couple days after the tires arrived, I took my V70 R to Volvo Specialists and had them balance and mount the tires, making sure they had room for me that day. If you don’t have a favorite shop to have them shipped to like I do, Tire Rack has suggestions of shops in your area that are “Tire Rack certified” installers. I think that just means they’ve been a frequent shipping destination, and nobody’s complained.

You either select one of their suggestions, or you fill in your choice like I did.

It’s Easy itself is actually one of the best consumer sites out there, in my opinion.

  1. It’s thorough Some tires have over ten thousand reviews.
  2. It’s well laid out No clicking around trying to find your cart, or tire reviews, or their policies.
  3. It’s complete I didn’t have to call or email before or after my purchase. The purchase just worked.

Buying There Helps MVS Here

The whole thing was painless and quick, and for someone who is always on the lookout for saving five dollars here, twenty dollars there, the satisfaction was pretty high.

Note I didn’t get special service from Tire Rack, beyond the fact that by clicking on the Tire Rack ad here at MVS before putting those tires in my cart I got 6% of my purchase back. They didn’t know me from any other customer, and anyway if I’d said “I run MatthewsVolvoSite”, trying to get special treatment, I’m sure they would have emailed back “Matthews what?”

Remember to click a Tire Rack link or ad before you put tires in your cart. Thanks to you and everyone who uses the Tire Rack links on these pages — it keeps the lights on around here.

If you buy tires from Tire Rack using my link, let me know and I’ll mark your MVS Forum account “MVS Contributor” status and you’ll get a neat badge:

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