How To Change Fuel Filter V70 (video) DIY

How To Change Fuel Filter V70: This is one of the easier things you can do at home to maintain your Volvo.

Change Fuel Filter
How To Change Fuel Filter V70: This is one of the easier things you can do at home to maintain your Volvo. This is probably the simplest maintenance item I’ve run across on my V70, easier than even spark plugs. I was amazed at the simplicity of the quick release system on this filter, as you can tell by my reaction in the video :lol:.

Need to change the fuel filter on your 1993-2000 Volvo (P80 Volvos)?

Here’s the three videos on this tutorial I shot at Volvo Specialists (Denver) while my V70 R was on the lift. Volvo tech is Mike.

DIY Fuel Filter Change Videos on Volvo V70

Fuel Filter Replacement Tips

Like the bevel/angle gear fluid change and the Haldex fluid change, the biggest thing here is getting your car in the air. You don’t have to get it off the ground very far, just enough to get under the right rear side to get to the fuel filter. As always, be careful.

With no access to a lift, like 95% of us Volvo DIY’ers, I’d put it on level ground, turn it off, apply the parking brake, chock a wheel, and follow the owner’s manual for jacking instructions.

Then I’d release fuel pressure via the Schraeder valve on the fuel rail on the engine. Look for a bicycle or car tire style air cap. Sometimes they’re blue. Get a large rag, put on eye protection, and press on the valve to release fuel. THIS IS GASOLINE, so no smoking.

After that it’s a matter of one 17mm (I think, if not, it’s close) bolt to remove the bracket, then dead-simple quick releases on both sides of the filter. No tools necessary! Just squeeze! See my astonishment at how easy these quick releases are compared to 850s. Use another rag to catch the gasoline that comes out at this point.

I’d get a new filter from an MVS sponsor, who are linked to at the top of every MVS page. It’s Volvo part #71068 and fits ’00 to ’04 V70s, XC90s and S/V 40s.

How to change the fuel filter on a 2004 V70 (video)

Pre-2001 Volvo Fuel Filter Replacement

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