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How To Clean Volvo Throttle Body

If you're looking to clean your volvo throttle body, read on. On a Volvo 850, you will see a black plastic cover with a single torx screw holding it down.

volvo throttle body

Looking to learn how to clean your volvo throttle body?

If you’re looking to clean your volvo throttle body, read on. On a Volvo 850, you will see a black plastic cover with a single torx screw holding it down. Unscrew, remove plastic. You will now see the intake, the volvo throttle body and the throttle wheel. Disconnect the intake from the throttle body. At this point, you have two options. You can use an O2 sensor friendly throttle body/carb cleaner, or remove it, and clean with the same thing. It helps to use a toothbrush to scrub the unbelievable amounts of oil blowby, varnish, gum, carbon deposits, etc. Reinstall other parts. Takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

MVS Forum Member CT Volvo asks:

On my last service, dealer mentioned my 2000 V-70 needed a Volvo Throttle Body cleaning and I am wondering if this is something I would be able to do myself to save some money?? And if I were to do myself, how long would it take?? Also, I have seen many posts that I should not be surprised if something does happen to this Throttle Body at some point even if I do clean it. Will cleaning possibly push off chance that I do have problem?? Thanks for all your help.

MVS Forum Member TAFinley adds:

Deposits, mostly from crankcase ventilation, will build up around the volvo throttle plate. Eventually, these deposits can become thick enough to negatively impact engine performance. As Jot points out, the dealer will clean both the thottle plate and your wallet. Expect to pay about $70 for this service at the dealer.

OR… you can go to your local auto parts store and buy a cleaning kit for about $5. If the deposits are not too thick and have not coked or burnt onto the plate or volvo throttle body, you should not need to remove the whole volvo throttle plate assembly. With the engine off, simply remove the air hose from the throttle body intake and carefully wipe away the deposits from the perimeter of the volvo throttle body and the throttle disk. You can manually operate the throttle while you are doing this.

This is a simple service that I’ve never seen mentioned in any owner’s manual and I’m sure a great number of people pay for unneeded misdiagnosed repairs when all that is required is this simple cleaning. It does make a difference. You should do this at least once a year.

Throttle Body Cleaning


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3 thoughts on “How To Clean Volvo Throttle Body

  1. to: Jon Cotterman: got the same surge issue as you even after cleaning etm. wish I could help you, but short of getting volvo to replace badly designed etm, don’t have any practical advice.so far, volvo has refused
    to replace etm on anything after 2002 model year, so my 2003 doesn’t qualify even though it was built in oct.

  2. Jon Cotterman says:

    After reading all the various threads on the throttle body I cleaned mine. The issue that prompted my cleaning was that the throttle response when cold was very erratic and non-linear. Once it warmed up it was fine. The cleaning cured that issue. What it didn’t cure was a slight surge at 2,000RPM/60MPH. I thought the two might be related, but evidently they aren’t. Any more suggestions on the surging issue?

  3. My Volvo S80 T6 1999 is hunting when in neutral, I have tried the Mass Air Flow Meter but this did not work, cleaned the throttle body, has anyone other ideas?

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