How to Fix Peeling Fabric – A-Pillar – P2 Volvos

Peeling fabric on your A-pillars? Here’s how to fix it by replacing the trim. MVS Contributor ogatrulle recently posted this beautiful DIY on repairing the inside A-pillars on your P2 Volvo:

  • V70 & XC-70 & V70XC 2001-2007
  • S60 2001-2009
  • S80 1999-2004

I recently replaced my peeling 06 V70 fabric A-pillar covers with plastic covers from earlier years. Identifying the correct parts was not straightforward to me (relatively new to Volvos), so here is a writeup to help the next person who wants to try it.

The P2 V70 and S60 from roughly 2001-2004 have interchangeable plastic A-pillar covers. Sometime around 2004, Volvo switched to fabric-covered covers which seem to start peeling along the forward edge as the glue fails. Others in this forum have reported success regluing, but I was hoping for a less labor- and care-intensive process.

The first order of business is to determine the color. Having VIDA helps here as the A-pillar cover part numbers are called out according to color code. Volvo has a 4-digit color code on the ID plate/sticker, which is often located either on top of the fender just inside the engine compartment or on the right side B-pillar. As with Volvo part numbers in general, there are typically multiple color codes that refer to the same color. Although there is some logic to the specific digits in the 4-digit code, it’s not as tidy as one might hope.

Plastic a-pillar trim above, cloth below

The sticker on my 2006 V70 had code A981. VIDA refers to this as “Oak/Arena,” but I have read that it might also be called “Taupe/Light Taupe” in non-US markets. VIDA indicates that V70/V70XC/XC70 color codes AX8X, BX8X, AA7C, DXXC, VOR3 all use the oak/arena interior color scheme for side panel and roof liner. I believe the corresponding S60 color codes for this color scheme are 9X8X, 9I7C, and 9X72, but am not completely certain.

I went to the local men’s mall and visited all of the S60 and V70 cars on the lot. Quite a few had the indicated color codes and their A-pillars matched my desired color. I think I paid around $20 each.

A word about how the covers are attached: the covers have two tabs at the very bottom that fit into corresponding slots at the outboard forward edge of the dash cover. There are a couple of roughly 7mm plastic alignment pins halfway up that fit into holes in the metal A-pillar but which do not hold it fast. Near the top of the A-pillar cover, there is a plastic clip that can expand a few inches, which holds fast to both the A-pillar and the cover at either end of the clip. Above that is a metal clip that holds the top of the cover fast to the A-pillar.

The next consideration is the type of plastic clip that holds the covers to the A-pillar near the top. There seem to be at least three variations, but I have not seen the first type. The second and third types are shown in the photos below.

The first type of upper plastic clip has a drawing in VIDA that looks like two ends connected by a single flexible strap.

The second and third types have two ends connected by two folded plastic straps. The longer folded strap is to be oriented downward when installed. The only difference between these two types is that the mating hole in the cover is a different size. The plastic covers appear to have a small hole and use Windshield Pillar Trim Clip part 8684846. My 06 original fabric cover had a larger hole so I had to order new clips.

How to Fix A-Pillar Peeling Fabric

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