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Fix Rear Speakers: A How To

rear speakers

How to fix rear speakers

I had a nasty rattle coming from the rear speakers on my 98 s70. It seemed like even a little bass would set off the rattle. So on a sunny Saturday I set about to “investigate” the cause for this rattle and possibly look at replacing the stock speakers with some new aftermarket speakers. The instructions below talk about how to get access to the shelf speakers. The rest of my story continues after that….

My rattle seemed to be coming from loose pieces on the foam backing on the rear shelf trim. The grill seemed to be held on tight. The speakers did not rattle by themselves – With the shelf off, I played the radio with full bass and some volume. So I cleaned up the loose foam backing, ran down to a Tweeter close by and bought some of that Dynamat dampening stuff. I applied that liberally to the foam backing where the rear speakers rim contacts the shelf. That seemed to have cleared out the rattle. I lucked out since my speakers sounded okay.

  1. You should not need any tools at all to just get to the speakers. Maybe a screwdriver or a wedge tool to unsnap the plastic trim – but I found even that was unnecessary.
  2. Fold down both the rear seats. You will have to remove the seat trim bolster item that runs along the side. This is done by pulling it forward on the top to unsnap the top hook. You will have to yank with a little force. Lift if up and pull towards yourself. The piece looks like the picture below after removal. Remove the bolsters on both sides.  As a side note – This might be a good time to vacuum those hard to reach places on the sides of the seats – you might even discover an old coin, piece of candy or some such – In my case it was a quarter and some cheetos left by the previous owner!!

Fix Rear Speakers: A How To

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Marco Cline says:

What does the rear speaker on/off switch do? does it turn off the amp speakers or all rear speakers. i am trying to find a switch for a 1999 c70 convertible.

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