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How to Make a Fuel Pump Removal Tool

Fuel Pump Removal Tool DIY

I just finished my tool made w/ a 1/8 x 3/4 flat bar, welded them together and put a axle nut on top and use a power handle to turn the retaining ring on top of the fuel pump. The fuel lines and the wire harness has to be removed first before turning. My welding is sloppy – I’m still learning but the tool works perfect. BTW I had to grind off one side of the flat bar so they would fit into the slot of the ring. DIY Volvo 850/S70/V70/XC70/C70 Fuel Pump Removal Tool

How to make a fuel pump removal tool

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Ronald Lorette says:

Hi. Making your own tool is even easier and cheaper when you go to hardware store and buy a 4 inch section of black plastic pipe with an outside diameter of 4 and one half inches. Then multiply the 4.5 x 3.14=14.13 then divide by 18 which is the number of plastic fins on the nut.=.785 inches. Tape two sheets of computer paper together so it is 14.13 long. Divide it equally into 18 segments, wrap around the pipe then use white-out or white paint marker to mark the lines on top rim of pipe.Use Hacksaw to saw out plastic sections you have marked out to a depth of 1/2 inch. Bore one large hole,around one inch through the black pipe. Use a piece of wood as T handle,but keep it about 10 inches long. Disconnect any wires that stop you from putting your new tool directly on plastic nut,then turn in counterclockwise direction and presto,it unscrews

Ron could you elaborate on the 18 cuts on the pvc. I’m installing a new pump on my v70.


Thank you so much for posting this item! A friend had this filter wrench and I loved using it. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, but I’m happy that I could discover that with your link!

Chris Hall says:

I found a better tool for Volvo fuel pump removal and replacement on my S70. Go to Sears and for 7 dollars buy the fuel pump removal tool Craftsman part number 2820519. It is a metal spanner wrench with a standard socket drive. It fits perfectly the only deal is it tightens(spreads apart) as you loosen and loosens as you tighten which is easily solve by just jamming a flat head screwdriver into the gear to lock it in place. I put my fuel pump in and did not get it tight enough- so when I filled my tank beyond 3/4ths I could smell gas that slopped up through the hole. It only took an additional half turn using this tool to tighten the pump into place.

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