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How to Remove Oily Residue From Glass

Whether it’s from washing and waxing or working on that 5-cylinder, most of us have gotten some kind of residue on our exterior glass. Most of the time, a quick wash will get rid of it, but sometimes how to remove oily residue from glass can be a challenge. Join the conversation and learn how to get rid of oily residues once and for all and get your Volvo looking sharp again.

I figured out how to remove the rain-x, or whatever similar product the glass installer applied, or persistent oily slick from manufacturing without too much trouble. Like rain-x, going over it with alcohol just smears the stuff around after which it dries to a white haze you can’t see through until you buff it out after the alcohol dries. Makes the windscreen wipers stick to the windscreen too much: they ‘fart’ across the screen with a lot of noise in addition to smearing water/not wiping it clean…

Equal parts ammonia and carpet shampoo will remove oily residue from glass. Use it full strength don’t dilute..with a healthy squirt of dawn dish washing liquid. About 1 measuring cup total mixture. Spray windscreen being careful not to get over-spray on the paint. Wipe around with a soft paper towel. It will be very ‘sudsy’. Then go over it with a dry towel. Throw away the towels you just used and repeat 4 or 5 times, then finish with a good rinse with clean water and dry towels until the cleansers are clear/no more suds form when wiping with a wet towel. All better.

Clean auto glass tips

My rain sensor adhesive pad is ‘bubbled’ awful, hence the sensor doesn’t work very well. Will report again on this once I get a chance to address it. From research it seems glass installers often don’t get this right and owners frequently have to redo it. It’s acting exactly as others have reported when the pad isn’t cleanly applied and/or the installer merely stuck a second pad on top of the original-which doesn’t work.

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