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How To Replace Volvo E-Brake Pads

The e-brake holds the car stationary, when the driver's seat is empty, An electric motor noise can be heard when the e-brake is being applied.

volvo e-brake pads

Is it time to replace your e-brake pads?

The e-brake holds the car stationary, when the driver’s seat is empty, by mechanically locking/blocking two wheels. A faint electric motor noise can be heard when the e-brake is being applied. The noise can also be heard during the automatic function checking of the parking brake.

If the car is stationary when the e-brake is applied then it only acts on the rear wheels. If it is applied when the car is moving then the normal foot brake is used, i.e. the e-brake acts on all four wheels. Brake function changes over to the rear wheels when the car is almost stationary.

MVS Forum Member mrreilly asks:

My e-brake doesn’t work. It was like that when I got the car a few months ago. Does anyone have a link somewhere that explains how to fix it. I think the calbe’s just need to be re-attached. I’m really not sure though. Any Help?

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan says:

Download the ’95 850 service manual…should be the same procedure for your car and it will have that information in there. It is in the top sticky section of the 850/70 series FWD section (the section you always post in). Good luck. Just too many variables to try to explain everything unless you can get me more specific information and you won’t be able to do that without getting under your car.

robert213 ยป Wed Sep 06, 2006 3:48 am

The e-brake has its own set of brake pads. Emergency brake cables have a tendency to rust and freeze up. Chances are that you need a new set of brake pads and new pair of brake cables.

MVS Forum Member bobsnow100 adds:

I just replaced my e-brake pads. Yours may be so worn that it feels like the cable is not working when you pull the lever but actually it is because the emergency pads are so worn. You can check by jacking up the rear of the car, (support on jack stands) removing the wheels. There are 2 bolts attaching the brake caliper (on the back side of the caliper). Remove these and tie up the caliper so the weight is not being supported by the brake line. Once you remove the wheels and caliper you’ll see a aligning stud on the wheel drum/rotor which helps you line up the wheel when installing the lugnuts. Remove this stud with a wrench and now you can remove the brake disc. Sometime they get stuck. Once removed, You’ll see the emergengy brake pads and be able to see if they are worn. You can have an assistant pull the lever to see if the cable is working.
If you need to replace the pads, do so in the same way you remove them. Do one side at a time just in case you need to see how the springs attach,etc .Turn the pad adjuster ( the star wheel on top) in, so the drum will fit over the pads. I also lubricate inside the adjuster with proper brake parts grease. DO NOT get any on the pads.Next you’ll have to adjust them.

How To Replace E-Brake Pads


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2 thoughts on “How To Replace Volvo E-Brake Pads

  1. One of the E brake pads broke (rear drivers side) and I am trying to replace, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to remove the round spring that is holding the pads. It’s a 2004 V70 Volvo front wheel drive, 2.4.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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