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Identify Strut Mount vs Spring Seat

Strut Mount vs Spring Seat… these two suspension parts are often confused. This post explains the difference, and shows you the difference between the two in these images. Also, it shows you how the Strut Mount and Spring Seat assemble into their positions in the suspension.

Strut mount vs spring seat and how they fit in the suspension
Strut mount vs spring seat and how they fit in the suspension

Use this visual to distinguish the parts. Use this Forum Topic forum to find out which you need. From that forum post:

Local Volvo shop (not dealer) says its the “strut cap” which I know as a strut mount plate/bearing, I called a dealership to see how much for parts to do it my self as I couldn’t find them at local stores in stock and the guy who answered the phone in parts said it was probably the spring seat, without me even asking.

Now a few questions:

Is this actually whats causing the noise?
I’ve heard similar noises that were control arm bushings (although this car has a new one on the left). I can post a video of the noise if needed.

Can I tackle this in my garage/do I have to remove the whole spring assembly or can I compress it while still attached to the lca?
It’s been my experience that control arm bolt can be very very stubborn.

Will I need an alignment?

The shop want $140 parts and labor for the “cap” which I’m thinking they are just going to do this spring seat, and that would include an alignment if necessary. Seeing as an alignment is $60-$75 and the part is $25 – $30, $35 – $55 dollars might be worth letting them do it.

I feel fairly confident on suspension work as I’ve done the whole front end on my own car.

Also, I will be doing the front sway bar end links which seem pretty straight forward as on most cars, but if there are some surprises please let me know.

Strut mount vs spring seat, entire view including strut/spring, tie rod, hardware
Strut mount vs spring seat, entire view including strut/spring, tie rod, hardware
Suspension Questions… and answers

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • Volvo has always been a leader in innovating child-safety features in cars. We were key in developing rearward-facing child seats, and in 1978 we introduced the world’s first booster cushion. Since then, we’ve continued to look for ways to protect children in cars.
  • Volvo first started making cars in 1927, but that wasn’t the first Volvo product. In 1911, founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson registered Volvo as a trademark for ball bearings – Volvo means ‘I roll’ in Latin. When Gabrielsson and Larson moved into car manufacturing, they chose the ancient chemical symbol for iron as a logo to symbolize the strength and power of a Volvo.
  • Volvo revolutionized safety in cars when engineer Nils Bohlin created the three-point seat belt in 1959. Bohlin’s innovative Y-shaped design protects the chest, pelvis and shoulders upon impact. We waived the patent for the pioneering design so that other car manufacturers could use it too. Volvo’s commitment to safety has saved an estimated one million lives

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Does anyone know of any website that has a video on how to replace a front strut cartridge insert on a 1990 Volvo 740 gl non turbo sedan.

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