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Volvo Inner and Outer Tie rod End Replacement Tutorial

Inner Tie Rod DIY Notes & Comments

volvo tie rod

This is a pretty straight-forward repair that anyone who has turned wrenches can do (I rate it a two skinned knuckle job out of a possible five). If you aren’t sure that your tie-rod ends need to be changed, you can jack up the front-end of your car and try to wiggle the tires by holding the tire at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. When you try to wiggle the tire, you should feel no looseness. If you hear or feel a looseness, then you need to do this repair. Another sound reason to do this repair yourself, is that I have been told (but not confirmed) that Volvo charges $1400 for this repair (both inner and outer tie-rod ends)!

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan says:

nlemerise over on Swedespeed shared this (also added to our database)…includes pictures…great tie rod write-up:


MVS Forum Moderator matthew1 replied:

Fork in the road: Outer goes there, Inner stays here Outer tie rod questions and tips on 850, S70, V70, XC70, and V70 XC older than model year 2001 let’s put in Outer Tie Rod Replacement Tutorial – 850, S70, V70, XC70. Inner tie rod questions and tips we’ll use this topic. It’s not as though either inner or outer is that big of a job or terribly different from each other, but since we have two topics, might as well keep each focused. Thanks!

MVS Forum Member hausmeister replied:

Just some info from my experience:
Tried to replace the inner tie rod today, but I utterly failed. Couldn’t get the old one off – I tried a wrench (and hammering ist) and also a pipe wrench… no chance (not enough space and also the metal just strips off). 😡


  • Jack (suggest floor jack)
  • Some support for the car (wood blocks, car stand)
  • Small pipe wrench
  • 18 mm deep socket
  • ratchet wrench or breaker bar to fit 18 mm socket
  • Long handled pliers (channel-locks)
  • Long punch (12” or so)
  • BFH (big friggin’ hammer)


  • 2 -Inner tie-rod ends (FCP-Groton #9191410 – $19.50 each (7/7/2007)
  • 2 -Rack Boot Kit (FCP Groton #9191409 – $12.00 each (7/7/2007)
  • Optional: 2-Outer tie rod ends (FCP Groton # 271598 and # 271599 – each $16.00)

Now, not required, but I sure do advise (don’t ask me how I know ) that
you consider changing your outer tie-rod ends at the same time if they
haven’t been changed in awhile. This way, when you are done, you will
have inners and outers done… you have to take the outer tie-rod ends off

Be sure to have your car realigned when you have finished the installation.

Inner and Outer Tierod Ends DIY Tutorial


Master Tech says:

I can tell by the postings that you people probably don’t understand hoe critical a tie rod end is. This keeps your wheels from steering themselves, and I’m not trying to be subtle here, you will lose steering and likely crash if one separates. Quit thinking about how you “need to learn”. What you need to do is get that shit taken care of by a professional before you kill someone.
Zachary, in my state (VA), a “tie rod repair kit” is illegal, fails inspection, is dangerous, and saves you a whopping $2.00 if you can even find anyone willing to sell you one. JUST BUY A F*CKING TIE ROD YOU IDIOT.
Remember, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially when it involves steering and brakes on a large fast piece of steel.

Thanks worked great with some help from a heat gun in spots, did the whole kit including control arms and links.
One question
On the passenger side it was missing the orange/red cover on the rack side( which the inner tie rod screws into )? Any thoughts, looked stock as far as what I removed and was only missing on the passenger side. I’ll call the local Volvo shop tomorrow.
You can see this part on your pic with tie rod removed, it’d approx 1/4 to 3/8 thick over the metal sleeve which the tie rod screws into. car has 200,000 miles on it and have owned it since 100,000.

I’m curious about this posting.
Can you give any advice on buying just the outer tie rod end BUSHINGS? The rubber bushing failed on my passenger side outer tie rod end.
It would be a shame to buy new metal when everything else looks good beside the rubber bushing. And darn it all; nobody seems to sell just the rubber end bushing. What’s up wit dat? WHAT’s UP WIT DAT?
Anyone know who sells a tie rod bushing kit for a P2 S80 (1999 T6 S80)???

stephen snow says:

i need to learn how to replace outer tie rods on my 1999 volvo s70

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