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Upgrading to an Instrument Cluster with Info Display

Instrument Cluster exchange – No programing necessary. Forum members discuss the challenges of tis project.

shagginwaggin wrote:

I have a ’94 850W 5speed and I just recently upgraded my instrument cluster to have an on-board computer (I love pull-a-part!). During my install I had to install the switch which controls the OBC, which fits in a blank switch hole to the right of the steering wheel, to the right of the sunroof switch. However, to the left of the sunroof switch, attached to the back side of a double-blank, is a wire harness. What does it go to? Traction control? It doesn’t go to my trip computer.

In a somewhat related question, are heated seats wire harnesses usually existing in non-heated-seat cars? I was going to add aftermarket to my existing seats and would like to use the OEM wire harness. I haven’t even peeked in my center console, yet…

No programming necessary. I just converted my clock-only 1994 850  (non-turbo, 5 speed) to a instrument cluster with info display. It was easy. If you’re pulling it yourself you need to be sure to get the switch and the wiring. There is no “harness” to the dashboard switch, the wiring from the switch runs directly into the back of the instrument cluster display. If your experience is like mine you’ll have to cut the factory zip ties that make it *look* like it’s part of the instrument cluster wiring harness. Also, don’t forget to nab the ambient temp sensor from the lower spoiler housing (which I forgot).

The hardest part for me was finding out the gear in my “new” cluster was broken. I had to swap out my working counter from my “old” cluster into the “new” cluster and everything went together great, that part was easy, too. The donor car I pulled my cluster from was a 1996 sedan with automatic transmission so there was no automatic-to-manual transmission specific differences.

What does this plug go to? Attached to the back of a blank

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