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  • Polestar 2, and…
  • Why can’t it just be a Volvo?
  • X2 vs. XC40 – Battle of the ex’s
  • Volvo IPO valuation
  • 850 N/A engine in a 1966
  • Bosch throttle bodies failure rate
  • 2 broken Volvos
  • Diary: I’m 17, have an 855
  • Swap: auto into a manual car
  • Dash repairs
  • June goes on a getaway
  • POTM – “Shift Free or Die”
  • QOTM


Polestar 2 Coming In 2019 To Battle Tesla’s Model 3… however…

… Here’s a VERY interesting take on this Polestar 2 news… “Why can’t it just be a Volvo“? Gets you thinking.

BMW X2 vs. Volvo XC40 Driving dynamics vs. utility and safety… or not… they’re actually more similar than different.

Volvo IPO not as valuable as Geely thinks it is.

Man drops a Volvo 5-cylinder into his lowered 1966 Volvo 122S wagon and promptly drives it across the United States

DIY and Ownership

Why do Bosch type throttle bodies fail so often on Volvos? A theory. – It occurred to me, when I inspected the TB on the Jetta, it was dry with NO sign engine oil contaminating the internals of the TB.

2 broken V70 T5 Volvos with complementary failures – A decently maintained, good running Volvo will run $2500-3500, then you can expect it to not need much…. Too often, people stop here with a $1000 car and then don’t want to put $2000 more in, because “I only paid $1000.”

Diary of a 17 y/o with an 850 – Hey guys, my name is Shihab, I’m 17 years old, and I own a ’95 850 Wagon. Up until 2015, I can’t say I know much about what happened to this car, so I’ll talk from what I know. 

Swapping an auto into a manual. Wait, did I just type that?

Another awesome P80 dash repair hits the presses. Now-MVS Contributor  amblerman unleashes a comprehensive, photo-illustrated monster of a DIY, joining a few others like CN90’s S70 dash repair, Robert and MVS Moderator Lee’s S70 and 850 dash repair . Here’s the full Lee repair.

June goes Volvoing in the US South in her 2004 S80 T6.


MVS member FireFox31‘s V70 manual, posted here


Only has 196k miles. So young for an 02. Gonna replace fuel rail in the future. The project moves on. Still hesitates n idles rough. Oh well. Why do I love these cars?   – MVS member jking4020

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