Junk Yard — Always Get These Parts

When you’re at the pick-n-pull always harvest these parts.

rspi‘s updated list »

  • MAF if Bosch
  • FPR if it is less than 10 years old
  • Volvo axles
  • Rear hatch lifts if they hold when less than 50 degrees F or almost hit you in the face when opening it.
  • Rear wagon wings
  • R front spoilers
  • iPd sway bars
  • Rear wagon cargo covers
  • Window to roof trim
  • Leather steering wheels
  • Large front brake brackets
  • Seats or the skins of they are not torn
  • 850 Fog lights
  • Aluminum control arms for 850’s
  • New fuel pumps if you don’t have a spare
  • New front corner lights
  • Clean x70 head light reflectors
  • P80 transmission coolers
  • New Volvo coolant bottles
  • Volvo jewels
  • 850 Dash pad if looks perfect

Junk Yard — Always Harvest These Parts

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