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Keep Your Volvo Bumper Looking New

Keep your bumper in tip top condition.

The Volvo Bumper is one of the car parts and accessories that elicit the first reactions from any passer-bys. It is considered as the car’s “face” that gives the first reaction regarding the car’s over-all stance and condition. That is why the Volvo’s front end must be in tip top condition that can speak up for the vehicle’s unique style and design. There are a wide array of bumpers under different brands like Volvo bumper can be found in the market both in traditional and web-based stores.

Car bumpers, particularly front bumpers, are also considered as custom accessories to show the user’s uniqueness and individuality. It can also be matched with other car parts and accessories to achieve the dream look anyone visualizes for their car. Such added accessories and parts may include  stickers, funny bumper stickers, bumper filler, bracket, cover, retainer, absorber, reinforcement, moulding, step bars, light guards, sporty grilles, light lens, trim strip, turn signal and many others.

MVS Forum Member duane asks:

Does anyone know of a good product I can put on the black trim of my wagon? Ive tried a couple, Armorall ect but after a day it looks just as bad.


MVS Forum Member White850Turbo replied:

Many people have had success with cleaning the bumper very well, masking the paint off, and using a couple layers of black Kiwi shoe dye. Make sure it’s the dye and not the polish. It comes in a tall skinny container.

MVS Forum Member bobsnow100 says:

I just recently painted my rear bumper which had faded pretty bad. I went to an automotive paint supply store and they have many different color bumper paints. They have a paint color sheet which you can put next to your car trim to match it really close. I first cleaned my bumper off with wax and silicone remover and then taped it off and sprayed it, looks great.

MVS Forum Member l33tDad asks:

This may be a dumb question, but, is the bumper supposed to be black or grey on a ’93 850? I always thought grey, but maybe they’re REAL faded or something. I’m going to try the shoe dye trick this weekend, but don’t want to get the wrong color…

Keep Your Bumpers Looking New


hey i used blk kiwi polish it looked great but only lasted about a month. i am repainting them this weekend i will let you know how i make out

would shoe polish work on the bumpers cause im not good with paint?

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