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Choosing between Koni vs. Bilstein vs. Sachs Shocks/Struts


It is not recommended to put used shocks/struts on your vehicle. The decision to replace shocks/struts is typically based on both performace and price. Some owners say Blistein Touring is the closest to OEM.

For a shock and strut replacement does anyone have any experience with these brands? My car is squeaky and I think in need of a shocks/strut job. 

polskamafia mjl says:

“The base Konis are great. I unfortunately got screwed over by IPDs warehouse as I need to redo my suspension this weekend but they are out of stock of the set of 4 konis; they are much too expensive when sold in sets of 2. If you can wait until IPD gets them back in stock, go with those.”

 hrahn says:

“If you need to replace both front and rear shocks and you’ve got the money, go for the Koni FSD-kit. The golden Konis offer adaptive damping, if you go harsh in a corner they stiffen up more than when you go soft. They are a bit stiffer than the factory setup and just drive great.
I didn’t use them for one reason only: I have almost brand new Nivomats in my wagon and need them because I’m often hauling a lot of stuff around. The Sachs OEM front shocks are oil dampers btw and a bit wobbly, the rear Sachs standard are gas though.
Bilstein seem to be a good compromise between Koni and OEM, heard a lot of praise for them. B6 are a little stiffer than standard and offer great control (and are not too expensive).Beware of Monroe, I have Monroe Reflex as front shocks and after 25000km they are all rusty, the rubber shock protectors have actually worn the paint off the tubes, and they don’t seem very responsive at all. Pulled a set out of a (much lighter) Opel Astra after 100.000km, they were completely bad. As a contrast, the Nivomats I pulled out of my car at 250.000km were still working, although not nearly as good as they should.”

Koni vs. Bilstein vs. Sachs


Habe in meinem V50 D5 von 2006 Das Bilstein C6 Fahrwerk mit 25mm Tieferlegung drin. kostet zwar 600€ ist aber jeden cent wert.

I have used Monroe Sensi-trac,(front) and OE-Spectrum (rear) on a 98 V70, and a 2002 V70. They are good shocks for a small budget, depending where you buy. They are more on the stiff side like the rest of the car but I like that. They react fast and hold the road well, all for $260.00 for all 4 wheels at Rockauto Parts.Also available on Ebay for an extra $100. Also my moto is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it for nothing. Maintenance is another whole issue.

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