LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade DIY

Super Volvo DIY guy Robert Spinner does a YouTube video on LED Headlight Bulb upgrade on his 1998 Volvo V70.


LED Bulbs are The Newest, Latest Headlight Technology

A LED headlight bulb upgrade is the newest, highest-tech way to get better light from a Volvo’s headlights. And under $100, a cheap way also. (The lowest tech way is cleaning or buying new headlight reflectors.)

Volvo DIY guru Robert Spinner shows us how to do this upgrade on his YouTube channel, and shows the results.


I got a pair of LED headlight bulbs (kit) from Amazon to improve the lighting situation on a V70. Video shows installation and before & after test.


I found out my reflectors were bad by watching an earlier “Robert” video. Luckily I found 2 good reflectors. Once they go bad, Ima have to get some LEDs. I really don’t like the 6000K, would rather get 4000K, but they are harder to find.


These are 4000k. I’d upgrade with good reflectors.

LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade DIY

Buy LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade Kits for Your Volvo

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