Lessons from 200K miles on a 1994 850 NA

Evidence Volvo’s Inline Five is (Near) Bulletproof

An MVS member’s findings upon taking his engine apart at 200k miles

To make along story short, a small piece of an exhaust valve on Cyl3 broke off. We took the head apart and found that actually the seals were bad. Probably the valve broke due to a piece of carbon build up that got on the way when the valve closed. For an engine this old, running with a 25% ethanol content gasoline, the amount of carbon was comparable to much lower mileage engines. No oil sludge of any kind, cams are perfect, valve lifters are perfect. Very small amount of carbon like material on oil passage ways. Head gasket looked like new. Coolant passageways clear and clean throughout.

Lessons from 200K miles on a 1994 850 NA

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