Let’s Talk Turbochargers: New or Rebuild

Turbo: New? Rebuilt/Reman? Or overhaul?

Brand new turbo from Mitsubishi, $930 shipped, or Remanufactured turbo $525, or DIY overhaul, or some other things to try detailed in this “Turbo Talk” Volvo forum topic. This is a great read for anyone interested in knowing about your choices when your turbo gets old or fails completely. Photos, opinion and more.

Let’s talk turbochargers

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  1. I have a commercial fishing boat with an old 165 hp
    Volvo diesel the I need to replace the turbocharger
    with a rebuilt turbo the No’s on the turbo plate are:
    KUND-NR 845294
    GROSSE K26-2664GA 12.71
    ALT-NR 828560779
    AUSF-NR 53269706492
    this diesel engine is from the 1980’s
    Please help me find a fair priced rebuilt turbo
    Thanks R.Rojas

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