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Project: Loose Vinyl on Door Panels repair on 2000 Volvo S70

S60 door panel

grumpy1937 says:
The vinyl covering on the interior door panels on my 2000 S70 is beginning to pucker and pull loose. Any quick fix suggestions as to how to solve the problem? I think there’s a TSB, which came out in 2004, but I can’t seem to find it.
Thanks, Joe

SonicAdventure wrote:: 

“I had a similar idea but my thought was to use a piece of Kydex that was very thin.

For those of you who don’t know, Kydex is a heat shapeable plastic sheet that comes in various thicknesses and it’s commonly used for concealed carry pistol holsters and knife sheaths. I’ve worked with it before and it’s pretty tough stuff.

Some day if I have access to a wood shop again, I’d like to make a wooden router template for all four doors of these Volvos and try making a set of Kydex inserts. The material is available in various sizes and while it’s not cheap, it would last forever and it’s very easy to work and would look nice.

The approach I would use would be to create a wooden template that would mimic the smallest flat surface profile in the door alcove from the door handle all the way back to the wide end, plate the Kydex over the template and trim it with a laminate trimmer. Then I would carefully slice away all the vynil on the door that was pulled loose and place the Kydex in there so it would pull all the remaining loose vynil tight. I’d probably attach the Kydex with spray glue and some small screws at each end that could be hidden behind a cap.

I’m sure this would work, but I just don’t have the time and resources to do it now. The idea of plywood is good, but it Kydex would probably be better as it is much thinner and weather / temperature resistant than wood.”

Loose vinyl on door panels

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Sorry guys! Our Twitter account is of course Here you can follow new Panelpads doorpanel developments and the photo of the first 0-series Panelpads product!

Okay, V70 and S70 Classic owners overseas! We finally managed to deliver the first of the 0-series of our announced Panelpads: an easy but effective solution to loosening vinyl on the doorpanels of our beloved cars. On Twitter you can see the first kit and follow further developments:

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ATTENTION! Do NOT try to glue the vinyl back on the panel in whatever way unless you are an absolute upholstery professional! It will do more harm than it will help.

The vinyl was puckering off on the interior panels on my 1998 XC70. Apparently Volvo had issued a service bulletin which my dealer failed to tell me about. I found out about it after the warranty period expired and Volvo refused to fix it. They were willing to sell me new panels though.

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