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Mangefine Filter Installation Tutorial w/ Pictures

Let’s Talk Mangefine Filter Installation

routing hoses while installing a Magnafine transmission filter

Today I finally got around to doing the transmission flush on my wife S60. The car had 94K miles on it and I’m not sure it’s ever been done, so I was a little worried about the urban legends of high mileage flushes. Legend goes that the new fluid loosen “stuff” and could cause issues with the transmission. I’ve also heard the S60 does not have a transmission filter.

So to provide a little piece of mind I installed a Magnefine filter. I’ve install one before on my Ranger, but the wiggle room difference between the Ranger and Volvo is enormous.

Here are the steps to install the filter along with some pictures. I was very nervous cutting a hose that should cost $10, but Volvo charges over $100. I was not even sure I was going to be able to get the filter installed without kinks in the hose.

Installation Steps: 1. Remove the transmission cooler return line from the radiator. The one with the green clip on the top/driver side of the radiator.

Mangefine Filter Installed w/ Pictures

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