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Matt’s Volvo Blog, Issue 1

It’s Matt’s Volvo Blog!

Hi crew,

I’m going to start writing a semi-regular update that will appear exactly… here. It’ll be a digest of the best recent forum topics combined with my take on my 850. Plus anything Volvo that catches my eye.

Why now? Because your donations, your use of the Amazon link, and especially your support of the MVS Sponsors (ads at top of every page) has provided me with income that’s allowed me more time to make this site better.

It will alert you to the latest in modifications like this N/A* VVIS experimental performance mod. And it will help me tell you about the informational gems I have here. I’m finding more and more that there is a TON of information here, and you may not be finding what you need to find. This won’t help you find information on your Volvo that you’re specifically seeking out, but for regular readers it may unearth goodies they didn’t know about.

In the next week I’ll write about my doublesecret $34 ram air intake mod, and my ABS unit saga that involves me forgetting that a removed ABS module means working brakes, but no spedometer. 🙄

Stage 0

But in the meantime, please tell me what you think of my Stage 0 list. Too long? Too short? I wanted to outline what I though as the important bits without going overboard and adding too much stuff.

Because our 850 cars can be easily 15 years old now, I think it’s easy to add too much to a Stage 0 list because a 15 year old car needs quite a few new parts/systems. Rather, I’d like to keep it to a list of maintenance items that would not seem crazy to say a 2006 S60 owner looking to make his car Stage 0-happy.

Your comments on this are welcome here in the Volvo Forum!

* N/A = normally aspirated = non-turbo. More terms can be found in the Volvo Term Glossary.

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