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Meyle Outer Tie Rod After Approx. 12 Months


Meyle Outer Tie Rod Followup

MVS Contributor theWIFES_S70 (Marco) follows up after about 12 months on the status of a Meyle outer tie rod.

When folks tell you not to buy something on her, they’re telling you because they care.
Meyle Left Outer Tie Rod
There’s a reason why it costs half the price of the Lemforder
My tie rod hasn’t exactly “failed” yet. But you can see the crack in the rubber and the grease coming out of it already. It’s on borrowed time. So much for a “German” part.

mecheng »

+1 for TRW, my 97 has both the original Tie Rods (my dad is original owner so I’m confident they are original) and the car has 180,000km on it!
It was sprayed every year but it has never missed a winter and there is no play and zero grease leakage.
I will never buy after market steering components, your safety is at risk and you save peanuts.

erikv11 »

The replaced TRW tie rod ends on my car see a lot of salt. So far they have lasted a bunch of years, would have to check to know how many.

98 S70, Meyle Outer Tie Rod (approx 12 mos)

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