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Molyslip and Ceramic Oil

Let’s talk Molyslip and Ceramic Oil

Let me say that I understand your concern. And I appreciate your question, but I will always find it hard to understand / believe how many potential buyers will ask questions of us that would be (and are) considered absolutely proprietary, and certainly qualify as intellectual property. I suspect that if we suspended the product in some junk oil, and put a fancier label on it we wouldn’t have any one asking what size is it, or what’s the weight, and volume. When we elected to sell our product the way that we do we we anticipated this, but times change.

We do our best to sell MoS2 in the way that makes the absolute most since. In our minds that means selling it “dry” in a proven “dose” that generates the best results while still being affordable. O-we could start our suspending our MoS2 in some junk oil that only dilutes the oil that YOU chose to use, while increasing the over all cost of the product (shipping and packaging) while potential diminishing (junk oil that it would be suspended in) it’s effectiveness.

Molyslip and Ceramic Oil

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