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MVS 20th Anniversary

This month marks the 20th year since I founded Matthews Volvo Site.

I was living in Seattle and I’d been out of work for months, ever since the dotcom bust of 2000 and its effects started hitting the tech industry hard, of which I was a part. My Web developer job at had been axed, and the 95% of its employees and me were without jobs.

My work with HTML and XML was enough for me to throw together a basic site with organized, various repairs I’d done, and what I could borrow from the little Volvo DIY that existed on the Web at that time. XML acted as a database, and the HTML I wrote presented the information to the browser. This part would become the Volvo Repair Database five years later when I installed WordPress.

But… why?

At that time I’d owned my 1997 850 T-5 for about a year, and I’d done the leaky oil return line fix, oil changes, thermostat, and a transmission drain and fill. I wanted to stay busy and also put up reference info to help the Volvo DIY’er.

After running with this setup for several months, I wanted to add a forum, so I installed the first version of the MVS Forums, which also was not powered by a database. Why no databases? I didn’t know how to use them until a year later, and when I learned I ditched the first version of the forum and switched to phpBB in September 2002.

You can find a bunch more info I wrote in 2010 on the early MVS days here.

Interesting fact: MVS has served 100 million pages since I founded it.

Thank you

I’m incredibly proud of all the help posted here during these 20 years. I’d like to thank IPD and FCP, who have been sponsors for 3/4 of our history, and to XeMODeX who have sponsored MVS for the last 10 years. Thanks to the MVS Volvo Forum Moderators and MVS Contributors. And thanks to everyone who has helped another Volvo owner by posting an answer to a Volvo question.

— Matthew

Matthews Volvo Site turns 20 years old
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Matthews Volvo Site turns 20 years old
I started MVS 20 years ago because I wanted to document repairs and service on my 1997 850 T-5. Since September 2001, MVS has grown into a gigantic Volvo DIY site.
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Matthews Volvo Site
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lol, I had to look when I made my first post, it was March of 2006 – 15 years ago! I can’t thank you enough for creating this site, it’s been an incredible source of information & help. I think I first found your site when looking for info to swap the gas struts on the rear hatch of my 850 wagon, and I kept coming back to learn. Great job Matthew, keep it up!

PS; out of pure coincidence, I’ve been rocking my MVS t-shirt today.

Wow, how quickly time passes by …
Thanks for all the work you’ve put into MVS and the countless questions that have been answered through the members and mods here.

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