MVS Member Meets Robert DIY

MVS Member Meets Robert DIY... ashitaka695 runs into a Volvo DIY legend at a pick n pull.


ashitaka695 meets a Volvo DIY hero in — fittingly — a Volvo pick n pull yard!

So I was sent to the local U pull salvage yard today to pick up an axle shaft for a customer vehicle that I am working on. After I got the part I decided to have a quick look at the import side of the yard to see if there were any new Volvo’s put out recently. While I was removing a voltage regulator that I have needed for some time now, I look up, and to my astonishment there is Robert!!!

In the flesh and he asks me if the gold Volvo in the parking lot is mine. I was awestruck!! Right here in front of me is the man who had taught me how to repair and maintain my little 850!! Now I work on vehicles and equipment for a living but aside from semi trucks and some heavy machinery I have never worked on a Volvo passenger vehicle!! Now being a mechanic I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to get this Volvo 850 into shape and running good. Boy was I wrong!! If it wasn’t for the videos that Robert makes I would have made more mistakes than I already had!! Now my Volvo has become my favorite car that I have ever owned!

It was awesome to chat face to face with Robert he even gave me a few pointers on what I was working on. Thanks Robert for all of your hard work and for spreading your wealth of knowledge on these cool little cars!!! Maybe we can meet up for lunch sometime in the future.

Many other MVS Forums members have met and been helped by Robert, like Phil. Generally in the summers, Robert does US tours where he drives around the country helping Volvo owners fix or improve their Volvos. Pretty cool, huh?

U Pull It Salvage Yard Surprise!

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