MVS Newsletter November 2018

Volvo News

Luminar’s lidar is on display in a Volvo concept car, and the point is to show how the laser-based sensor dovetails with Volvo’s system for reading pedestrians’ body language. At the impressive distance of 250 meters, Luminar’s lidar can provide enough detail to let Volvo do what the carmaker calls “pose estimation.”

Volvo’s $30 billion IPO is officially off, and Trump’s trade war may be to blame. You won’t see the effect of this on showroom floors. Nothing is happening to Volvo or its recent revival to the top-level of the automobile world.

Volvo And Google are developing a new Android-based automotive operating system. This is one of those things where we’ll see it in 2-4 years, and it’ll be good, bad, or stillborn. There’s no telling from where we are right now. But there is always a sliver of hope that it will be something great, something revolutionary. 

2019 Volvo S60 R-Design First Drive Review | Beautiful and almost the best. This is a really, really good car from Volvo. The auto enthusiast magazines even like it. If Volvo can push it only one tenth more toward performance Volvo would suddenly be challenging the likes of BMW for performance sedan glory. As it is, it’s a superb car and forget the rest, just buy one and don’t look back. (We at MVS have no relationship with Volvo at all.)

Irv Gordon dies Gordon, who gained fame for his 3 million-mile Volvo, was 78. Yea, the guy who was all over the Internet from time to time with his wonderful red 1966 Volvo P1800. RIP Irv.

Volvo Forum Happenings

MVS t-shirts are in! I’ll have more on how to get your hands on one in the next few days. Check the General Discussion forum.

Our 17-year-old protagonist breaks his 1995 850’s headlight and bends the hood in a mild accident.

“Dear diary, After having my license for just over a year, today I got into my first accident. I must admit, it was pretty scary. But there’s good and bad news. Good news: We were all okay, I got off with a warning, insurance did not get involved, and her car was perfectly fine.”

MVS member and photographer Hadrien75 not only buys a pretty 1996 855 R, but he drives it home to Paris, with a stop at the famous Nürburgring.

“I always wanted a T5R or 850R but living in France almost none are ever for sale, so i decide to buy mine in Sweden and bring it back. I bought this 855 R with an M59 box in Stockholm and drove it all the way back to Paris. Here are a few pics along the way. Still lot of things to fix on it so i will have a few questions soon :)”

Munchy has a new Rocketeer harness for her rides in June’s S80. Munchy ;’-)

MVS member BigRed in Pittsburgh is selling parts of a 1996 850. “I still have shelves of things that are worth less to me than the space they consume.” Items: 3rd row seats and seat belts, Leather wrapped steering wheel, Airbag, Front seatbelts with charge, OE alternator recently (in miles) rebuilt at local Indy shop, and much more. In addition, we also got a flood of items put up for sale in Long Island, NY. See the MVS Classifieds.

Speaking of June, she found a leather conditioner after much searching that leaves her S80’s seats soft and supple. If you know June, you know she’s picky and wants the best for her Volvo.  


QOTM – “My V70 had a single tip sticking out of the bumper for a 5 cylinder and these new Volvos have two tips sticking out for a 4 cylinder? Twin exhaust system was needed for huge American V8 engines 45 years ago, but a 4 cylinder?”

POTM from is from Hadrien75’s drive in his just-bought 850 R


The number one result for my search “how to adjust a single-handle shower faucet” turned up a good video … to my amazement, it was none other than our famous Robert DIY!


If you have CarPlay or are interested in knowing how well it works, check out my site CarPlay World.

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