MVS Redesigned

I’m proud to announce I’ve given MVS a redesign. It affects every page except MVS Forums pages.

Benefits & Changes

  • better legibility
  • new logo (don’t know if that’s a benefit per se, but there it is either way)
  • number of posts to show on the page, on Category and Tag pages — it’ll remember your choice, so long as you don’t delete the MVS cookie your choice is stored in
  • better search — Google limits free accounts to a certain number of searches per day. I’m not sure if we hit that, but it’s opened up now with a $100/year Google Custom Site Search subscription.
  • search looks better, let’s be honest, it was uuuugly before
  • Social buttons for sharing — Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • search results now have an Image tab
  • VRD home text re-written to explain your options more clearly

Sidebar Changes

  • ”Forum Latest” in sidebar, as well as current online forum users and exact number of VRD entries
  • Categories list and Tag cloud allow you to drill down to the section you want quickly

So all this is launched and done, but I’m going to continue working on it. The first thing is I’m going to create options for MVS Contributors to modify/expand what’s under “Forum Latest”. The specifics I’m not sure of currently. And then there’s page loading speed. I’m going to improve it.

Anyway, thanks for being an MVS member, and if you’re not, register! It’s free!

MVS Owner/Admin

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