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Tool Loaning Program: Active

Only one tool loaning program to share, the P80 rear Delta link tool, but hey you have to start somewhere!

I’m running it (Matt), and I’ll probably make up the rules as it goes along, based on these initial ideas. PayPal deposit, you pay shipping, deposit refunded upon tool return. As that page says, contact me if you need to borrow the delta link tool, or if you’d like to suggest a tool you think should be part of this program. Right now tools must be shippable, but later when I find time I can build a geographical tool loaning page, loosely similar to the Help a Neighbor forum, where you borrow loaner tools from MVS members in your area.


Instructions — Short Version

  • If you don’t have a feel for mechanical limits of tools, don’t borrow this.
  • Never use impact tools with this tool.
  • Put pin in hole
  • Screw main screw in all the way
  • Do not tighten the top hold down screw
  • Just snug so the pin is held into the metal arm of the car

Instructions — Long Version

  • If you don’t have a feel for mechanical limits of tools, don’t borrow this.
  • Never use impact tools with this tool.
  • Insert bolt through delta link bushing
  • If the inner metal sleeve of busing is loose (rubber deteriorated) use the optional washer between the sleeve and the fixture
  • Put a mat or cardboard on floor so if ram falls you will not get hydraulics dirty. (bad)(wipe off immediately )
  • Install the delta ram/jack thingy using the top pulling threaded hole
  • Tighten the bolt hand tight only
  • Unscrew the jack extender until it hits the push plate and is caught above the weld at the end of the plate ( see pic)
  • Tighten screw on ram/jack so you can use ram.
  • Make sure the screw that goes through the deltal arm (not bushing ) has been removed so delta bush can be pulled out. ( this should have been said earlier)
  • Pump jack
  • Bushing will pop out a small bit
  • Keep pumping until pulled out completely.


A pull down tool for the camshaft cover. I would like to borrow or rent one. I’m in Minneapolis if anyone in the Twin Cities area has one!

Looking for source to borrow or buy 951-2050 bevel protractor and info on how to use it to install vibration damper ( harmonic balancer ) to crankshaft of 1999 S80, T6

Ryan Fahey says:

I think having the Schley valve stem seal replacement tool for rent would be huge. You only need it once, but many could benefit from it’s availability.
I am personally one of them.

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