New Grille, Headlights and Foglights

How to Freshen Your Volvo’s Look with Jewel Headlights

S70 front end freshening: grille and lights

Who says you’re stuck with the way your 1990s Volvo looks? Take a look at Volvo Forum member georgeleedom‘s remarkable 1999 Volvo S70 front end update. This is simply an outstanding refresh. And it’s functional too: better light on the road. Details:

  • lighting came from, genuine Volvo
  • “Tony and knocked about 20% off since I bought everything at once”
  • fogs came with the grilles, rocker switch, jumpers and relay
  • wiring is already there since they were an option for the S70
  • “instructions were very detailed”

I’m a shade tree mechanic at best, but installed everything myself in a couple hours. The vision at night is unbelievable brighter. It’s a much bigger difference than I expected. I’ve done a lot to make the car go faster and handle better. It’s nice to be able to see up the road a bit.

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