New Headlight Bulbs – Worth Every Penny

To anyone who, like me, is complaining about their headlights seeming dim, I finally got around to replacing mine today.
Coughed up the rediculous amount of approx. $40 at the big W for 2 Sylvania SilverStar light bulbs. I’ve purchased bulbs before that claimed to be bright, with no noticeable difference. So, I really had my doubts about paying this much for halogens, but wow, what a difference! They really do cast a VERY white light, and very, very bright — almost comparable to Xenon. And, no, they don’t look blue (another concern I had while debating the purchase).head

Hope it helps someone.

Also, the replacement is actually very easy….except those damn plastic things that house the prongs that the bulbs fit into break like a bitch! Sorry, but between that and the seat, I’m pissed at my Volvo today!

Buy Sylvania 9005SU SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlights, Pack of 2 Bulbs

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