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Volvo S70 Won’t Start – Needs New Ignition Switch

How to install a new ignition switch in your Volvo S70

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Let’s talk about putting a new Ignition Switch in your Volvo

How to Install a New Ignition Switch

I received my lock cylinder and installed it on the same day. It took me 2.5 hours to do the job. Used a 90-degree drill to remove the bolts from the lock. Here are the pics I took.

Volvo S70 2000 won’t start

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Volvos are known for reliability, but they do have issues, particularly as they age. If you have an older Volvo with an ignition switch that’s traditional, where you insert a key and turn it to start the car, it can fail, and knowing how it works and why it fails is helpful.

The ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder work together and provide power to the vehicle. They also allow start the car. Different positions of the key and switch power on different functions of the car. One position powers the Volvo’s accessories, the next powers the car’s ignition, and the final setting turns the engine.


Check the fuel pump relay despite the fuel rail schrader

I just ordered a repair manual for my 1999 S70. its made by Haynes. Its a European version, but everything is the same except the steering. all other mechanical and electrical are in the manual. It was from it costs 29.12. it may help you with any problems that you might incur.

check the security system

stan edmunds says:

My daughter just bought a 1999 C70 Turbo with less than 60k miles. She bought it on ebay, the owner delivered it to us from N.J. we are in S/E Michigan, she took him to the airport to fly home, next morning, the car won’t start. Turns over fine but won’t start. I checked the schrader fitting on the fuel rail, it has pressurized fuel. I disconnected the electrical fittin to the mass airflow sensor ( limp home mode ) still won’t start. I guess tomorrow I will remove one of the plugs to see if I have spark. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I’m a long way and an expensive tow charge to the nearest Volvo service place ( Swedish Engineering / Ann Arbor Michigan ) hope someone can offer some advice.
Stan Edmunds

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