New Modified Transmission Flush Method with Pictures

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The tools required are few: Along neck funnel to access and reach the dipstick and transmission filler tube, a 15/16 or 24mm box/open end (not a 1/2″ drive ratchet since it will not fit between the drain plug and the rear brake fluid lines), 5-6 feet of 1/2″ I.D. clear tubing (5/8″ID will be too wide), snap-ring pliers, and a 6″ electric zip or cable tie for added security after replacing the transmission line clip when you are finished. In addition, a new crush washer for the ATF drain plug (same size as the oil drain plug) and a drain pan will be needed.

New Modified Transmission Flush Method with Pictures

Trans fluid flush tools

Trans fluid flush bottle


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3 thoughts on “New Modified Transmission Flush Method with Pictures

  1. adventurer2112 says:

    HI All,
    2 mechanics said MY 1995 850 tranny was shot. Volvo repair shops said its too bad< i need to drive it till it dies and pon up for a used tranny. Car would shudder and not go into 1st gear without the shudder. Hard time shifting from 3rd to 2nd also. Would put tranny into neutral coming to a stop sign and while waiting to go, made terrible noises.

    Did the flush as recommended here, except used std DEx 3 fluid.
    Flushed between 19 and 20 quarts.

    Transmission is working as well as it has since I bought it at 125 K. THANKS to all of you so much.

  2. Pretty easy and effective transmission flush proceedure that fixed my 2002 V70 auto trans shift problems.
    1. Drain trans from plug into pan (appox 3 quarts)
    2. Refill with 3 qts Mobil 3309 Trans fluid.
    3. Drive 5 mile route filled with stop signs to exercise/flush all pistons and clutch packs (clutch packs and pistons fill and drain through a single port, don’t flush)
    4. Repeat three times.

  3. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says:

    Did this on a C70 2004. I was experiencing hard shifts and slipping. Did it with a case of Toyota fluid IV. Works like a charm. I was told by the volvo dealer to get a new gear box!

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