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New volvo Horn Relocation Position

volvo horn relocation

Share your thoughts on Volvo horn relocation.

Replacing the horns on your Volvo is relatively easy and should take no more than an hour to perform. Accessing the horns for a volvo horn relocation requires you to remove the front bumper cover.

MVS Forum Member ausmeister writes:

I read the article about volvo horn relocation, but I couldn’t really figure it out – so I did it my own way 😉
I know it won’t increase performance, but imo there is no reason to put the horns before the cooler where they block airflow.

At first i couldn’t figure out where to put them, so i removed the battery+tray and part of the airbox .

MVS Forum member MadeInJapan replied:

Good job! Looks like they’re pointing down too…even up in there they could get some water, so how you did it was right! Matthew should pin this thread too along with the original one about volvo horn relocation.

MVS Forum Member kcjones added:

Just relocated my horns. Of the two “holes” on the drivers side, just in front of the SAS pump, one was too small and the other was more of a notch than a hole. Regardless, I bored out the one hole and fixed a horn there. On the second (with the notch) I tightened the factory horn bolt down pretty hard. I gave it a good tug and assume that it will be secure even through the bumps and vibrations.

It may not give HP, but I feel better with more undisturbed airflow across the rad and cooler.

MVS Forum Member ecbsykes adds:

Funny that this thread popped up again, as this is exactly what I did today. I know it probably does nothing except placebo in your head, but I’ll be driving through 115 degree heat tomorrow and any little thing that might POSSIBLY help is welcome.

New Horn Relocation Position

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