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Replacement Tips: Control Arm, Hubs and Tie Rod Replacement

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Tips on Sway Bar, Control Arm, Hubs and Tie Rod Replacement

No one told me that the control arm bushings have to be pressed in with a hydraulic press! Not that you should have or maybe I should have know that since it was in my Haynes Manual if I had read it before doing the repairs.

BTW…it’s only about $30 more to just buy new control arms with the new bushings pressed in. Maybe everyone thought you were going that route.

One tip for anyone doing the Hubs, when you are removing the 10mm bolt holding the ABS sensor.. USE GREAT CAUTION go very slow… the drivers side bolt broke flush on mine… I am going to have to drill a hole, thread it, and put in a new bolt… I had the bolt turning free and was turning it out and SNAP!!! I was removing it so that i could wire brush the area… it was very rusty and needed cleaned before installing new hubs..

Control Arm, Hubs and Tie Rod Replacement

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