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Now Through Monday — iPD’s Summer Sale!

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iPD's Summer Sale!

As Summer fades away and the kids go back to school, the demands on your trusty Volvo to provide reliable transportation is amplified. Having lights and wipers that work, suspension components that absorb road imperfections and an engine that is in tip top shape becomes more important. You need to make it to work and your kids need to make it to soccer practice. Trips to grandma’s house and to the local bakery are all part of daily life for most of us and you don’t need the inconvenience of unreliable transportation.

Now is the time to stock up on those components that keep your Volvo on the road and get you where you need to go. Nearly all of our inventory is on sale through September 25 so act fast. As always, free shipping is available for most orders over $99 as don’t forget about zero sales tax.

It helps this site a great deal when you buy from our sponsors. Please tell them MVS sent you. Thanks!


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