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abscate » Quick notes on handling the lines during a rack replacement.

Note on 1999 models the pressure and return lines are different from -1998. The return line comes up aft of the engine and dumps into the reservoir clipped to the coolant bottle. The pressure fitting into the pump is also different.

I put the new steering rack in, then found I couldn’t get the lines on even with the subframe dropped. I spent 8 hours on this. The lines route close to each other and foul when you try to put them in.

I finally pulled the whole rack again and succeeded with the following strategy.

In the bench I attached the return line first , then the pressure line. On the 1999 return line, the fitting is a soft alloy and it is really easy to strip both the threads snd the bolt head.

After getting them firm , I then backed them off two flats or 120 degrees. This allows the hard lines to move in the fittings.

Install the rack with the lines attached

It is then possible to install the rack with the lines attached. Feed the right side in, bring the left side around the transmission and then feed the tie rods into place. Start the rack nuts in place. Feed the return line up and the pressure line up. The pressure line goes up near the dipstick then over the ac line. That one is a bit of a hassle to route but it’s doable.

Make sure you don’t lose o rings while fussing with the lines

Once you get the rack firm on the subframe , tighten your two flats each to firm up the lines. They are o-ring flange connections not flares.

  • Pressure line: 19mm wrench
  • 16 x 1.5 mm thread o ring flange seal in both ends
  • Return line: 17mm wrench
  • 18x 1.5 mm o ring flange seal on rack end


Power Steering Hard Lines

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