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P80 Wagon hatch dimensions

P80 Wagon hatch dimensions

MVS Contributor j-dawg:

I need to load a ton of junk into my car soon, and I couldn’t find any info on the intertubes, so I measured its cargo area dimensions and put them in this picture.

My car has basically no rear cargo options, eg: grocery nets, cargo bay cover, dog cage, third row seats, rear gun emplacement, hyperdrive, etc etc. These things may affect available cargo space.

Please note that these are dimensions at the floor and at the points measured on the door, ie: they are the maximum dimensions. The door tapers as it goes up from the bottom and out from the center, and the car’s cargo area tapers as it goes up from the floor.

I want to fold the front passenger seat as well, but I can’t figure out how to get the headrest out of the front passenger’s seat so it can fold flat. There are supposed to be buttons somewhere in the backrest, but I couldn’t feel them with my thumbs. (I actually had no idea the seat even folded until this week.) Once I’ve got that, I’ll do a similar picture for that area. Any hints as to how to remove the headrest?

Then MVS Contributor Faheyk1981 posts how to remove the headrests:

This shows you how to remove the front headrest with pictures as well. Now i found even looking at this and following those instructions that it was still very hard for me to remove the headrest. It took a bit of strength. Probably because it was never removed before. I found having two people doing it was easier. So have one person pushing in the two buttons at back of the seat, while the other person has there hands on the headrest pushing it up. We got it off in a few minutes.

That’s owners helping owners, folks.

P80 Wagon hatch dimensions

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