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Codes P1021,1026,1032,1081 & 0420

Well, I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes to reset all codes. Three days later I experienced the same problem (illuminated ETS & engine light as well as decrease acceleration and stalling). I had the codes read immediately by Auto Zone and was given codes P1021, P1026, & P01032. 1999 s70 trouble codes P1021,1026,1032,1081 & […]

Power Window Master Control Switch Dead?

Troubleshoot Power Window Master Control Switch My wife was in the car this afternoon and said she smelled burning coming from the driver’s door panel. Then the windows all stopped working, as did the sunroof and the electric mirrors. I can’t see any obvious burn/melt damage to the unit. When I press the window control, […]

Engine Over Heating Problem

Take the lead from the positive terminal to the red wire and then the green wire – one at a time. The fan is a two speed fan and one wire will run it in high speed and the other will run it in low speed. Off the top of my head I can’t remember which wire color is which speed but there is a distinct speed difference.

1998 Volvo v70 xc – awd fuel pump issue?

XC70 fuel pump access instructions without removing the fuel tank. Problem – can’t figure out how to get the fuel lines and the wire connectors off the tank. The fuel lines (pretty rusty) seem to have some kind of push/slide lock, but the outer part of the fitting on the lines doesn’t seem to be […]

Drain on Battery 1997 850 GLT

How to Locate Battery Drain 1. Take an ordinary 12V test light 2. Remove the positive battery cable 3. Place the test light between the positive terminal of the battery and the positive cable 4. If the light on the test light lights up you have an offending circuit pulling power. Here is the cool […]

Dash Computer Flashes DISC

Dash Computer Flashes DISC Every so often my on board computer flashes “DISC” and I’m pretty sure it means disconnected or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the radio/cd- disc player. Dash Computer Flashes DISC

Change 740/760 Transmission Fluid? How Much?

Change 740/760 Transmission Fluid? How Much? When I bought the car, it had ~112,000 miles, now it has about 116,000. I am unsure of what transmission maintenance was performed (if any other than adding fluid) before the car came into my possession. Thus, I worry that newer fluid with new detergents could cause issues. I […]

How to Improve Volvo 16v 740

How to Improve Volvo 16v 740 Volvo Penta used the same motor but with a stroker crank to give it 2.5 litre capacity and slightly “wilder” cams which gave it a nominal 200bhp naturally aspirated. You have just replaced the exhaust, its usually the best place to start with in Volvo’s. A good header system, […]

Radiator Cap – Cars that DON’T Take the Later Cap

Use the Correct Radiator Cap! This post is to be read in conjunction with Update your Radiator Cap! 2/7/9/series. The following models, year and engine designation DO NOT take the later cap which is rated at 1.5bar. Using the later cap WILL cause damage to these cars. Radiator cap – cars that DON’T take the […]

Update your Radiator Cap! 200/700/900 Series Volvos

Radiator Caps: Grey vs Green Check under the bonnet – if you have a gray cap on the coolant reservoir, and you have to occasionally add water to maintain coolant levels (in other words, a small leak has developed), please consider replacing the cap with the green ones as seen on later year Volvo 850/940/960s. […]

Rear Booster Sensor Symptoms

Rear Booster Sensor Symptoms It all started with a rough idle in park followed by a check engine light. The CEL was for the heated oxygen sensor which was replaced. At this time I also noticed that when the car was in gear but stopped at a light, the engine RPMs would sometimes suddenly fall […]

Volvo S60 Transmission Problem

I had the same problem with my ’01 S60. The dealer flushed the transmission fluid and it has been symptom-free for 25k mi. Watch out for that $25/qt. OEM fluid, though! Maybe I’ll DIY next time… Volvo S60 transmission problem