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2010 Volvo XC60

Volvo’s new 2010 Volvo XC60 has standard City Safety, which automatically applies the brakes to help avoid low-speed accidents. With horsepower and torque that beats the competition, available all-wheel drive, and more, it’s a fairly good value. If you don’t mind a difficult-to-use Flash page, you can see more on Volvo’s US XC60 page.

XC90 5-cyl Transmission Fluid Flush Tutorial

You need the special JWS-3309 tranny fluid…Volvo sells it (almost $20 a quart) and also Toyota (much cheaper at $4 or $5 a quart)…just ask for their Type IV fluid that goes in an AW (Aisin Warner) 5 speed automatic. Mobil makes it for everyone and you can also buy it on line (link is in the write-up I’m linking to).

Welcome to the XC60 Forum!

This is just like any of the other Volvo car forums here on MVS: post requests for help, advice, your thoughts on this model, and photos of your XC60. If you have a dedicated, longer-length opinion piece on the XC60, please post that here, then I’ll move it to the “Opinion” forum (and it will… Read the full article…

XC90 Pulls while Braking

We just purchased a used 2005 Volvo XC90, V8 AWD, 60k miles about two months ago. The car seems to pull to the left while braking, more noticeably at higher speeds above 45 mph or so. You basically begin to depress the brake at those speeds and the car slightly pulls to the left. It… Read the full article…