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99 s70 cv boot replacement

Tips on Many Front End Parts Replacements The LH side has a cir clip, but it’s nothing you have to compress or remove. It works the same as all the other cars you’ve worked on. You need to apply enough pressure with a pry bar to overcome the clip holding the axle. The RH side […]

S60 Trunk Latch Fix Tutorial

S60 Broken Trunk Latch Repair The latch on my trunk recently started failing to latch. It turned my trunk into the ‘honour system’, so obviously I wanted to get that working again pronto! I managed to without needing to buy any new parts, here’s a few hints if you run into this same problem:Step 1: […]

850, S70, V70, V70XC Front/Rear Motor Mounts Tutorial

Front/Rear Motor Mount Replacement – 2WD Turbo Models (mine was a 1998 S70 GLT)

  1. Remove radiator Fan. Remove 15mm/13mm top strut mount bolt/nut.
  2. Remove 15mm top front motor mount nut.
  3. Raise and support vehicle on jack stands.
  4. Remove passenger front tire and bend back splash shield.
  5. Support engine with a floor jack using a 2×4 across front of oil pan to distribute weight.
  6. Remove both 14mm bolts attaching right front motor mount to engine.
  7. Remove 14mm lower front motor mount bolt.
  8. Raise front of engine and remove old/install new motor mount. Lower engine onto new mount.
  9. Install but do not tighten 15mm nut and 14mm bolt on motor mount.

Importance of Reseting Fuel Trim (LTFT)

This is done by disconnecting the battery, waiting for 10 minutes or so, and/or turning the ignition key to the starter position to discharge the system. Note, the code “Erase” button on scanners does not reset the LTFT, at least not on my S70. Not reseting the fuel trims provides for a small chance that […]

Blower Motor Replacement (How To)

A How-to on the Blower Motor (climate control) for P2 cars. Although the blower motor on the P2’s (V70/S80, etc. from ’01 forward) is basically in the same place as their 850 predecessor, removal and replacement is complicated by the fact that the glove box actually has to come out and the blower actually sits […]

S80 Mysterious Whirring Noise Wolved

S80 Harmonic Noises and Rubbing Tubes As you can see from pic the block was contacting almost dead center, where the natural harmonic is. The corrugation makes it vibrate like a guitar string. The tube and air box together act like a megaphone, amplifying the sound. S80 mysterious whirring noise solved

Volvo 940 Non Turbo Transmission Question

940 Transmission: High Pitched Whining Sound No, not the wife this time. I bought a 1998 940 non turbo wagon for my son with about 200,000 miles on it. Before I got it on the road I had my local Volvo mechanic go over it pretty closely. I was having some transmission issues as it […]

Towing 740 w/automatic Trans

How to Tow a Volvo 740 The advice from Volvo on towing auto 740s is: They must not be towed more than 20 miles (30km) nor faster than 12mph (20km/h). If these conditions cannot be met, or if transmission damage has already occurred, the propellor shaft must be removed or the vehicle towed with its […]

Options to Fix a Rear Main Seal Leak

Question: Is there ANY way I can fix a rear main seal leak without replacing the seal? Answer: My leak wasn’t nearly as bad as yours and seems to have stopped by switching to heavier viscosity oil (10W40) that also contains seal conditioning additives. Answer: Entire engine and tranny must be lowered from below and […]

Replacing CVVT Solenoid for Code P1332

This if for ’99 and later Volvo’s that have CVVT Timing. If your timing belt change was done properly and you only get fault code P1332, then it might be the CVVT solenoid that is bad. You can replace it and in this write-up w/ pictures and diagrams, ecbsykes shows you how! Thanks, ecbsykes for […]