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Official AC Thread

volvo ac thread

This page’s purpose is to build up a nice collection of full of helpful AC-related questions and answers here, drawn primarily from threads from my Volvo Forum. The goal is to take scattered knowledge, tips, hints, experiences and fixes and put them in one place.

Bevel Gear Maintenance on 1997-2002 Volvo AWD Cars

997-2002-Volvo-bevel-gear.jpgnah/ Here’s a downloadable PDF from on how to change bevel (angle) gear fluid on 1997-2002 model Volvo AWD cars. For 2003+, you have a Haldex system, and it’s got an additional fluid to maintain. Unfortunately, no drain plug is provided! After a conversation with a Volvo service manager, who told me that they […]

850, S70, V70, XC70 Hood Release Fix

How to adjust the hood release cable on all FWD and AWD Volvos up to and including model year 2000 (North American model year). I would have to pull the handle a few times and eventually it would unlock the driver’s side latch or I would get someone to pull and hold the latch while I lifted the hood. Needless to say, this drove me nuts. I then began to examine the car using the one diagram I had of the hood latch release. I would assume that this adjustment would work on a number of Volvo models, but I am unsure. What follows is the method I used. This method seems to work perfectly, but your mileage may vary!

Broken / Worn Spring Seats – Photos & Description

Volvo owners often complain about knocks, squeaks, rattles and clunks. Common failures that can create these noises are worn spring seats or worn out upper rear shock mounts. Volvo front wheel drive models commonly develop a clunk in the front suspension that can be caused by worn out upper spring seats. This can occur in […]

Rear Wiper Maintenance

volvo rear wipper

The rear wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with the washer fluid they clean the windows and ensure visibility for driving. The windscreen wiper blades must be in service position when they are to be replaced. The wipers return to their starting position when you briefly press the START/STOP […]

Classic PNP Switch Shifting Fix

MVS forum member JM has a potential PNP switch shifting issue with his 1995 Volvo 850. It won’t shift out of first gear when the car is cold. In this Volvo Forum post, he is calling upon other members to help come to the rescue. If you’re in the know on this subject, please take […]

How To Check For Leaking Fuel Injector

It’s possible that one of the fuel injectors is leaking. Normally, pressure is maintained in the fuel system after engine shutdown. Because of this pressure, a leaking injector would discharge fuel to its cylinder until the pressure was near zero. Burning off that excess fuel would lead to the black smoke on startup. Also, because […]

Performance Exhausts: All You Wanted To Know

Performance Exhausts for Volvos: Theory and Practice If you care about getting good performance, mandrel bending is important. Mandrel bending is bending the pipe such that the cross sectional area remains a perfect circle, as opposed to be distorted to an ellipse, which has a smaller cross sectional area, which also has poorer flow characteristics. […]

Custom 850 S70 And V70 Airbox Modification

Want more power? AirBox Mod! I’ve had a bug in my head to do this ever since Pete in Australia posted his cold air intake modification years ago. Mine is really no different. Just better documented ;-). Want more power, more efficiency? Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Don’t mind checking on your work every […]

Replace Your Thermostat: A How To

The volvo thermostat is located between the engine and the radiator. The thermostat acts as a valve that stays closed during engine warm-up. When the thermostat is closed, it prevents coolant from leaving the engine and circulating through the radiator. When the engine gets warm, the thermostat’s spring valve opens, allowing coolant to circulate through […]

Reset Volvo Service Light

We all know how annoying it can be when a Volvo service light or any other light on the dashboard refuses to go away, even after just taking your car to the mechanic. If you’ve had experience with this issue don’t hesitate offer up some advice. Volvo 850 Service Light (1993-1995) There are two diagnostic […]