volvo ignition switch

Volvo Ignition Switch- Diagnostic & Fix

What started out as strange electrical glitches- headlights not coming on, dash lights coming on, etc. is tied to the electrical ignition key switch (tumbler). Find in the thread linked below to diagnostic and the how-to to fix the key tumbler in early 70 series Volvos. A special thanks goes to Rob3 for finding the solution!

volvo pump relay repair

Volvo Fuel Pump Relay Repair

Fuel pump relay failures are a common and frustrating occurrence with the Volvo 850. A failure effectively immobilizes the car and many owners, myself included, carry a spare relay in the car so as to not get stuck on the road miles away from any Volvo dealer. The relays are unique to Volvo and cannot be purchased from a standard auto parts store. Read about the repair with pictures…less than $3.00 in parts if you’re willing to take the time to do this repair!

volvo abs codes

’93-’96 850 Trouble Codes

Here is a write-up on ’93-’96 ABS trouble codes. Like on any “Mode” change with the diagnostic box under the hood, press the button two times for mode two and 4 times for mode 4. I hope that this helps someone. Oh, and always, Victor Rocha who is a member here can rebuild your ABS module if that’s your problem (it is over 90% of the time with faulty ABS functioning).